Who we are

Archi-Tectonics, founded in 1994 by Winka Dubbeldam, is a Women Business Enterprise [WBE] certified design studio with offices in New York City, Amsterdam/ The Netherlands, and Hangzhou/ China. She and Justin Korhammer, Partner since 2016, lead a diverse team of designers that works on multiple scales, ranging from the MICRO [objects], to the MACRO [buildings], to the MEGA [urban].

Our base: New York City

Archi-Tectonics' interview with Surface Media. Click above to play the video // read the interview HERE.

How we think

Archi-Tectonics aims to achieve unique, innovative designs that are optimized, energy-efficient and sustainable. We operate at multiple scales of investigation, ranging from object- to building design, and master plans. We achieve innovation through deep research, extensive prototyping and advanced digital tools. We believe that only a research-based approach leads to genuine design innovations, healthier living environments, and evocative spaces. We love to build. Our focus is not only on style or a recognizable “signature” but on a cutting edge design process that combines creativity with technical advancements, from which a poetic precision emerges. We value performance over form and design intelligence over style. We aim to create efficient, optimized, sustainable and, at the same time, beautiful solutions. Our trusted team of engineers and experts supports this, and adds to each project in invaluable ways.

Our mission is FTF [file to factory], which we facilitate through sending our digital design files straight to manufacturers to prototype, prefabricate, or manufacture our designs. This is an additional [free] service that we provide our clients with, as guarantee that our innovations are affordable, and not increase the contractor’s budget unnecessarily. We are convinced that sustainability is a must, an indisputable obligation to the world we live in, but also a great engine for innovation. Archi-Tectonics is an expert in LEED design and we are passionate about the use of smart systems and renewable materials to create energy efficient, healthy living environments.

Combining the use of newest digital technologies with a philosophical approach makes Archi-Tectonics one of the leading teams in the field of research and innovative building design worldwide.


Publications on Archi-Tectonics include three monographs, the Dutch publication -“Winka Dubbeldam, Architect” [010 Publishers, Rotterdam, 1996], AT-INdex [Princeton Press, NYC, 2006], Archi-Tectonics, a Monograph [DAAB publishers, 2010], a fourth monograph is on the way by Actar [2020] - as well as countless features in American and International Architecture & Design Periodicals.

Our work has been frequently recognized among the architectural and design communities. Archi-Tectonics recently won the invited Competition Asian Games 2022 [2018] now under construction, which recently was awarded the Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award [2020], received the Rethinking the Future Award for 512 GW Townhouse [2020], the AIANY award for 497 Greenwich [2018], Inscape’s Meditation Space was chosen by Wired Magazine as one of 25 Architecture Masterpieces of 2016 and 497 Greenwich also received the IIDA / Metropolis “Smart Environment Award” in [2006], among others. Winka Dubbeldam was named by Design Intelligence as one of 30 Most Exemplary Professionals in their field and one of 30 most Admired Educators in [2015], she was nominated as “The Best and Brightest” by Esquire Magazine [2004], and received the “Emerging Voice” Award from the Architectural League NYC [2001].


111 JOHN STREET.#700.NY.NY.10038 
Phone. 212-226-0303


Our designs have “character” and an identity that helps to brand new and existing spaces. We create great value for our clients and users, by providing efficient, sustainable and at the same time strikingly beautiful solutions. All our projects have proven to multiply the return on investment already at the time of completion and often prominently enhancing the brand identity of our clients. This is exemplified by our many repeat clients, often designing both their work and live environments. In short: We create a design that matters. Innovative, Cutting Edge, Intelligent, Lucrative.

Winka at our exhibit in Milan, 2018

Our Code

Building icon is a stable and efficient block. It is a container.
Object structure is open ended.
Urban icon represents a circulation system.

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Our exhibition "Flat Lands & Massive Things" at Aedes Berlin

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